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The Tips 4-Day (1 year)

 If you have previously had one-on-one guidance from a trainer and have several years of quality training under your belt this advanced program is for you. This one year program is split into three phases, each 16 weeks long. Each month rotates through a focus of muscular endurance, hypertrophy, strength, and power. All workouts prioritize a full body movement and mobility routine focusing on the hips, thoracic spine, and shoulders.  This program is designed for the serious golfer looking to improve overall athleticism.   

Men's Tees 4-Day (24 week)

 If you have been off and on with your training over the years, or never really had any one-on-one guidance from a trainer, then this program is for you. This program incorporates a little bit of everything from mobility work, core training, speed and power, strength, and conditioning/cardio. Covering all your foundational core movements you will get plenty of repetition in here to help you build a strong athletic base. 

Senior Tees 3-Day (24 Week)

 This program focuses heavily on mobility, motor control, coordination, and power. With safe and efficient, non-impact moves, these workouts can be done as long as you feel a benefit from them. This will have any senior feeling better, moving better, and playing better.  

Ladies Tees 4-Day (16 Week)

This is a physiology-based training program designed for active women. With a focus on full body strength training to increase stability, core strength, and overall athleticism, this program will have you in the fittest and strongest shape of your life. 

Indoor Simulator 4-Day (12 Week)

 This program can be done in the comfort of your own home or hotel room while traveling. Get a 30-minute full body workout using only the floor sliders, mini-bands, and stretch strap. 

Junior Tees 2-Day (24 Week)

 With a focus on developing proper motor control skills, mobility, stability, strength and speed, this program for juniors between the age of 12 and 18 will help develop the building blocks needed for continued progress in strength and conditioning.

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