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Do you wander into the gym and aimlessly go from one machine to the next? Are you aware that you need some professional help but don’t have the time or the money for a trainer? Have you avoided online workout programs because they are not individualized to you? 

Jax Golf Fitness has experienced trainers with degrees in Exercise Science, multiple certifications through the Titleist Performance Institute and the NSCA, and high level collegiate golf playing backgrounds. Together we have created the best online resource of training programs for golfers. 

Choose programs based on your age, gender, and experience in the gym. To individualize your program further, complete our simple movement screen to help identify any mobility and stability restrictions to help us determine which exercises are the best for your needs. 

“I love how all encompassing this program is - a great balance of stretching and functional strength work. My favorite part is being able to contact the trainers at any time with questions on my program.”  

Too many injuries have occurred because athletes have focused more on quantity of their workouts than the quality and technique of their movements. The goal is to uncover the hidden potential you have yet to discover due to underlying movement limitations. While always working on quality of movement and building a solid athletic foundation, the workouts become progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered. 

Do not underestimate the impact a more physically fit body can have on your game. Instead of buying a new driver, try making some upgrades to your body. Purchase an online program from Jax Golf Fitness and have a meaningful plan when you walk into the gym. 

better athlete = better golfer

The Missing Link.. your body! Stop looking at your equipment for answers and start working on your body. Experience the difference a stronger and more flexible body can make to your game. 

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All programs are delivered via the Jax Golf Fitness mobile app and are also accessible on tablets and computers. With programs for juniors, seniors, and adults of all ability levels you will find a program that fits your needs. 

Professional Help

 To ensure your success in our online training programs, you will have the ability to message coaches at any time with questions or concerns. We also encourage you to send in videos of yourself performing exercises to be reviewed by a coach.   

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